miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

The horse

This horse was the collection of a Peruvian sculptor important in the eighteenth century, was rescued from the ruins of Peru's contemporary art museum, I leave an earthquake in the city of Lima.

The horse

This work will compete against other important Works, in the city of Barcelona España, and who won the prize for the mayor of Medellin in modern art.

Its creator will have broad proposals to exhibit their work in other countries.

descriptions videos SESSION FOR WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 6th

the video teaches us by means of videogames clasicos, electronic music and much movement , appear characters like pacman mario bross.

The video showed a character
very private individual from eating
a bar of chocolate might force
to overthrow the cars of others.

The video shows on a
city gradually fades

This video showed a notice
Advertising with two characters
Animated on soda.

is a commercial that teaches
between two sexy models the
power of having a pair of jeans


Medellin is the capital city of Antioquia, in she is celebrates the feast of the flowers, the main tourist sites are: el parque de los deseos, parque de los pies descalzos, parque norte, jardín botánico, plaza mayor, cerró nutibara, parque explora, among others.

Your Nightlife is varied and are located in the areas of the palmas, la 70, la av. 33, parque lleras, barrio Colombia y el centro.

Its inhabitants are characterized by be friendly people, outgoing and respectful.

descrition "exhibition of photos in the U of A"

The day 7 september of 2010 The U of A offered to the public a exhibition of old photos, each image was unique and beautiful. The images had a history different, but in essence were equal, old and without color.
The photo that more captive me was that of a girl sitting on a chair is really beautiful

description image "The girl in the window"

The picture showing a girl with a particular face, due to be in a poor place. The girl waiting for the progress and the education, that the parents promess to her.
This imagen cause a lot inpresion to the eyes of people , this picture showing in from of instituto de arte cross of comfama in san Ignacio in Medellin.

descrition of videos "Welcome To Medellin, Colombia | MedellinTraveler.com"

The video show a context tourist about the city of Medellin.
Look like be realizes by a joung from the united states. To invite us to know the beautiful and important places from the city of medellin.This city can be enjoyed by children, young people and the elderly.
For me is the Medellin in which i was born and lived, it is the Medellin that without end continues unstoppable for you, it is the Medellin of eternal spring that contains in its people bella the heart of a soul without Bitterness.